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  朱自清 背影(翻译-中译英)    Rear-View of a Fading Figure (Original by ZhuZiqing/Translation by alexcwlin)    Wo与父亲不相见已二年余了,我最不能忘记的Shi他的背影。  I haven’t seen Dad for over two years, and whatI can’t forget the most is the sight of him from the back as he was walkingaway.    Na年冬天,祖母死了,父亲的差使也交卸了,Zheng是祸不单行的日子,我从北京到徐州,打算Gen着父亲奔丧回家。到徐州见着父亲,看见满Yuan狼藉的东西,又想起祖母,不禁簌簌地流下Yan泪。父亲说,“事已如此,不必难过,好在Tian无绝人之路!”  It was a double-whammy for our family in thewinter of that year. Grandma passed away, and Dad lost his job. I travelled fromBeijing to Xu Zhou and planned to accompany Dad home for the funeral. When Isaw Dad’s house in disarray and thought about Grandma, I began to weepuncontrollably. Dad said: “Lighten up! Whatever happened, happened. There’salways light at the end of the tunnel.”    Hui家变卖典质,父亲还了亏空;又借钱办了丧Shi。这些日子,家中光景很是惨淡,一半为了Sang事,一半为了父亲赋闲。丧事完毕,父亲要Dao南京谋事,我也要回北京念书,我们便同行。  At home, we sold off whatever we could. Dadpaid off what he owed and borrowed for the funeral. Things at home were depressingdue to the funeral and Dad’s unemployment. After the funeral, Dad had to go toNanjing to find work and I had to return to Beijing for school, and we left incompany together.    Dao南京时,有朋友约去游逛,勾留了一日;第Er日上午便须渡江到浦口,下午上车北去。父Qin因为事忙,本已说定不送我,叫旅馆里一个Shu识的茶房陪我同去。他再三嘱咐茶房,甚是Zi细。但他终于不放心,怕茶房不妥帖;颇踌Chu了一会。  At Nanjing, we stayed a day for somesightseeing with friends. In the morning of the following day I had to go toPukou on the other side of the river, and then headed north by train in theafternoon. Dad was busy taking care of something. Initially he did not pla......https://www.wanmeila.com/question/54dc98c1a9182150703.htmlYu下全文>>

朱自清的散文《春》有权威的英文翻译吗? 5分

  朱自清《春》(翻译-中译英)Spring(Original by Zhu Ziqing, Translation by alexcwlin)    Pan望着,盼望着,东风来了,春天的脚步近了.  After much longing and anticipation, thearrival of East Wind heralds the footsteps of Spring are fast approaching.    Yi切都像刚睡醒的样子,欣欣然张开了眼.山Lang润起来了,水长起来了,太阳的脸红起来了.  It seems things everywhere have just woken upand gleefully opened their eyes. Mountains are greening, waters are welling,and the Sun is glowing.    Xiao草偷偷地从土里钻出来,嫩嫩的,绿绿的.Yuan子里,田野里,瞧去,一大片一大片满是的.Zuo着,躺着,打两个滚,踢几脚球,赛几趟跑,Zhuo几回迷藏.  Little blades of grass, so very delicate andgreenish, poke their little heads out of the ground. They spread out everywherewithin the scope of your sight – in the gardens and in the fields. Do what youwill –sit on them, lie on them, tumble on top of them, kick a ball on them, run around on them, or play hide-and-seek on them.    Feng轻悄悄的,草绵软软的.  The breeze is light. The grass is soft.    Tao树、杏树、梨树,你不让我,我不让你,都Kai满了花赶趟儿.红的像火,粉的像霞,白的Xiang雪.花里带着甜味,闭了眼,树上仿佛已经Man是桃儿、杏儿、梨儿!  Peach trees, apricot trees, and pear treesjostle to bloom. Flowers of all types - red as flame, pink as dawning-clouds, and white as snow, are giving off a sweet aroma. You close your eyes and you could imagine the trees are already full of peaches, apricots and pears.    Hua下成千成百的蜜蜂嗡嗡地闹着,大小的蝴蝶Fei来飞去.  Humming bees and flapping butterflies arecrowding the flowers.    Ye花遍地是:杂样儿,有名字的,没名字的,San在草丛里,像眼睛,像星星,还眨呀眨的.  Weeds of all varieties are everywhere, somewith names and some without. They scatter among the grass like little eyes andstars, blinking and blinking.    “https://www.wanmeila.com/question/694398f070182250847.htmlChui面不寒杨柳风”,不错的,像母亲的手抚......Yu下全文>>


  Zhu Ziqing [real name Zhu Zhihua] 1898-1948    Wrote both poetry and prose, but is better known as an essay-writer than a poet. He was educated at Peking University and appointed professor of Chinese literature at Qinghua University in 1925. In 1931-32 he studied English literature and linguistics in London. Active early as a poet, he is best known for the long poem "Huimie" [Destruction]. His collections of prose include Beiying [Retreating figure] and Ni wo [You I].


  朱自清——春  盼望着,盼望Zhuo,东风来了,春天的脚步近了。  I wonder,and wonder,the east wind comes.The spring is coming.  Yi切都象刚睡醒的样子,欣欣然张开了眼。山Lang润起来了,水涨起来了,太阳的脸红起来了。  Everything is awoke.They open their eyes.The mountains green,the water become more.The sun's face gets red.  Xiao草偷偷地从土里钻出来,嫩嫩的,绿绿的。Yuan子里,田野里,瞧去,一大片一大片满是的。Zuo着,躺着,打两个滚,踢几脚球,赛几趟跑,Zhuo几回迷藏。风轻悄悄的,草软绵绵的。  The grass grow from the ground,it's green and gentle.There is much in the garden and field.    Tao树、杏树、梨树,你不让我,我不让你,都Kai满了花赶趟儿。红的象火,粉的象霞,白的Xiang雪。花里带着甜味儿;闭了眼,树上仿佛已Jing满是桃儿、杏儿、梨儿。花下成千成百的蜜Feng嗡嗡地闹着,大小的蝴蝶飞来飞去。野花遍Di是:杂样儿,有名字的,没名字的,散在草Cong里象 眼睛,象星星,还眨呀眨的。  Peach trees and pear trees,are also grow the flowers.They are red like fire,pink like cloud,white like snow.The flowers are sweet.Close our eyes,the trees perhaps have the nuts.They are very different,some have name,some are not.They like the eyes and stars,trinkle and trinkle.    “Chui面不寒杨柳风”,不错的,象母亲的手抚摸Zhuo你。风里带来些新翻的泥土的气息,混着青Cao味儿,还有各种花的香,都在微微润湿的空Qi里酝酿。鸟儿将巢安在繁花嫩叶当中,高兴Qi来了,呼朋引伴地卖弄清脆的喉咙,唱出宛Zhuan的曲子,跟轻风流水应和着。牛背上牧童的Duan笛,这时候也成天嘹亮地响着。'The wind blows',like mum's hand which is touch you.It has some nice smell which mix the grass and flowers,they are all blewn in the air.The birds make the nests in the flowers,when they are happy,they will meet their friends, and sing beautiful songs.the songs follow the river.the recorder is also blewn all day.  Yu是最寻常的,一下就是三两天。可别恼。看,Xiang牛毛,象花针,象细丝,密密地斜织着,人Jia屋顶上全笼着一层薄烟。树叶儿却绿得发亮。Xiao草儿也青得逼你的眼。傍晚时候,上灯了,Yi点点黄晕的光,烘托出一片安静而和平的夜。Zai乡下,小路上,石桥边,有撑起伞慢慢走着De人;地里还有工作的农民,披着蓑戴着笠。Ta们的房屋,稀稀疏疏的,在雨里静默着。  The......Yuhttps://www.wanmeila.com/question/b61d8741b8182240635.html下全文>>


  盼望着,盼望着,东风来了,春天的脚步近Liao。  一切都象刚睡醒的样子,Xin欣然张开了眼。山朗润起来了,水涨起来了,Tai阳的脸红起来了。  小草偷偷Di从土里钻出来,嫩嫩的,绿绿的。园子里,Tian野里,瞧去,一大片一大片满是的。坐着,Tang着,打两个滚,踢几脚球,赛几趟跑,捉几Hui迷藏。风轻悄悄的,草软绵绵的。  Tao树、杏树、梨树,你不让我,我不让你,都Kai满了花赶趟儿。红的象火,粉的象霞,白的Xiang雪。花里带着甜味儿;闭了眼,树上仿佛已Jing满是桃儿、杏儿、梨儿。花下成千成百的蜜Feng嗡嗡地闹着,大小的蝴蝶飞来飞去。野花遍Di是:杂样儿,有名字的,没名字的,散在草Cong里象 眼睛,象星星,还眨呀眨的。  “Chui面不寒杨柳风”,不错的,象母亲的手抚摸Zhuo你。风里带来些新翻的泥土的气息,混着青Cao味儿,还有各种花的香,都在微微润湿的空Qi里酝酿。鸟儿将巢安在繁花嫩叶当中,高兴Qi来了,呼朋引伴地卖弄清脆的喉咙,唱出宛Zhuan的曲子,跟轻风流水应和着。牛背上牧童的Duan笛,这时候也成天嘹亮地响着。  Yu是最寻常的,一下就是三两天。可别恼。看,Xiang牛毛,象花针,象细丝,密密地斜织着,人Jia屋顶上全笼着一层薄烟。树叶儿却绿得发亮。Xiao草儿也青得逼你的眼。傍晚时候,上灯了,Yi点点黄晕的光,烘托出一片安静而和平的夜。Zai乡下,小路上,石桥边,有撑起伞慢慢走着De人;地里还有工作的农民,披着蓑戴着笠。Ta们的房屋,稀稀疏疏的,在雨里静默着。  Tian上风筝渐渐多了,地上孩子也多了。城里乡Xia,家家户户,老老小小,也都赶趟儿似的,Yi个个都出来了。舒活舒活筋骨,抖擞抖擞精Shen,各做各的一份事儿去。“一年之计在于春”Gang起头儿,有的是工夫,有的是希望。  Chun天象刚落地的娃娃,从头到脚都是新的,它Sheng长着。  春天象小姑娘,花枝Zhao展的,笑着,走着。  春天象Jian壮的青年,有铁一般的胳膊和腰脚,他领着Wo们上前去。    英语:  Was hoping, was hoping, the east wind has come, the spring footstepswere near. All look like the appearance which just awoke, happy however enlargedones vision. Shan Lang Run has gotten up, the high water has gottenup, the sun blushed. The grass secretly drills from the earth, tender, is green. In thegarden, in the field, looks, a big piece of big piece full is. Sits,is lying down, hits two to roll, kicks several feet balls, the matchseveral runs, seizes several confuses Tibet. Wind light, grass soft.  The peach tree, the apricot tree, the pear tree, you do not let me, Inot let you, all opened fills the flower to catch up with a son. Redelephant fire, powder elephant rosy cloud, whi......https://www.wanmeila.com/question/b3780b3ad2182205212.htmlYu下全文>>


  Rush(匆匆)--朱自清Swallows may have gone, but there is a time of return; willow trees may  have died back, but there is a time of regreening; peach blossoms may have  fallen, but they will bloom again. Now, you the wise, tell me, why should  our days leave us, never to return? - If they had been stolen by someone,  who could it be? Where could he hide them? If they had made the escape  themselves, then where could they stay at the moment?  Yan子去了,有再来的时候;杨柳枯了,有再青De时候;桃花谢了,有再开的时候。但是,聪Ming的,你告诉我,我们的日子为什么一去不复Fan呢?——是有人偷了他们罢:那是谁?又藏Zai何处呢?是他们自己逃走了:现在又到了哪Li呢?  I don\'t know how many days I have been given to spend, but I do feel my  hands are getting empty. Taking stock silently, I find that more than  eight thousand days have already slid away from me. Like a drop of water  from the point of a needle disappearing into the ocean, my days are  dripping into the stream of time, soundless, traceless. Already sweat is  starting on my forehead, and tears welling up in my eyes.  Wo不知道他们给了我多少日子;但我的手确乎Shi渐渐空虚了。在默默里算着,八千多日子已Jing从我手中溜去;象针尖上一滴水滴在大海里,Wo的日子滴在时间的流里,没有声音也没有影Zi。我不禁头涔涔而泪潸潸了。  Those that have gone have gone for good, those to come keep coming; yet  in between, how swift is the shift, in such a rush? When I get up in the  morning, the slanting sun marks its presence in my small room in two or  three oblongs. The sun has feet, look, he is treading on, lightly and  furtively; and I am caught, blankly, in his revolution. Thus--the day  flows away through the sink when I wash my hands, wears off ......https://www.wanmeila.com/question/ce032f0303182177126.htmlYu下全文>>

著名作家简介 中英文的都要

  全名居基·德·莫泊桑(Guy de Maupassant 1850Nian8月5日-1893年7月6日) :19Shi纪后半期法国优秀的批判现实主义作家,曾Bai法国著名作家福楼拜为师。一生创作了6部Chang篇小说和350多篇中短篇小说,他的文学Cheng就以短篇小说最为突出,是与契诃夫和欧·Heng利并列的世界三大短篇小说巨匠之一,对后Shi产生极大影响。被誉为“短篇小说之王”。Ta擅长从平凡琐屑的事物中截取富有典型意义De片断,以小见大地概括出生活的真实。他的Duan篇小说构思别具匠心,情节变化多端,描写Sheng动细致,刻画人情世态惟妙惟肖,令人读后Hui味无穷。  The full name occupied base · Germany · Maupassant (Guy de Maupassant on August 5th, 1850 - July 6, 1893): In the second half of the 19th century France outstanding critical realism writer, once did obeisance French renowned writer Flaubert was a teacher. The life has created 6 novels and more than 350 short stories, his literature achievement was most prominent by the short story, was scolds the husband and European · Henry's compound world one of three big short story great masters with the agreement, had the enormous influence to the later generation. Is honored as “king of the short story”. He excels from the ordinary trivial thing to intercept the rich typical significance the piece, by slightly sees the earth to summarize the life the reality. His short story forms in one's mind to have great originality, the plot is changeable, description vivid careful, the portray human sentiment ways of the world are lifelike, after making one read, provides much food for thought.  Gei好评哦亲~ 好不容易查到的  Can考资料:网络


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